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hello i am kris i only make good art ONLY(!!!!) that you can buy . please
umm my twitter is @gaykrisis and everywhere else i go by ramguts
legally i am married to carson
Discord message by Kris that says 'i am about to kin you (gun cocking sound) and i dont do doubles'


Below are my current pricings. Pricing is for single character only and includes shading. Please note that some complex characters or orders may increase the price.
If you cant find what you're looking for, feel free to contact me with details.

Sketches starting at $5

Sketches will be messy and uncolored. You may finish these yourself, commission me or commission someone else to do so, however they may only be used for the specified character.

Headshot sketches $5

Can be anthro or feral. Will go from the neck-shoulder area and up.

Halfbody sketches $10

Anthro only. Goes from the waist and up.

Fullbody sketches $15

Can be anthro or feral.

Sketch example Sketch example Sketch example

Busts $20

These start at around the neck-shoulder area and up.

Headshot example Headshot example Headshot example

Halfbodies $35

Anthro only. These will go from the waist and up. Can show arms.

Halfbody example

Fullbodies $50

Will show your entire character. Can do specific poses on request (feel free to show me a reference photo for this).

fullbody example fullbody example fullbody example

Full illustrations $120

Currently not open.

Custom designs $55+

Custom design with simple reference sheet based on your idea. Price will go up depending on complexity and size of reference sheet. I will only do custom designs if I feel I can do a good job with your concept, so please have a clear idea in mind when contacting me.

custom design example custom design example custom design example

Terms of Service

BY COMMISSIONING ME, or otherwise acquiring my art and/or original character designs, you accept these rules AND future reworks of my rules and/or ToS.